Welcome to the website of the sports section of the HvA/HES. This website is designed to inform students of the HvA/HES about a variety of sport related topics.

You can use this site to find information in the online syllabus, look up the locations of the sports facilities at which the courses are being held, enroll for the scheduled tournaments and for other interesting information.

Sports at the HvA/HES is not a goal as such, it’s rather a means of community building and developing (inter)personal skills and attitude. In practicing sports the following skills are used and developed into a higher level: reflection, result orientation, involvement, interest, persuasiveness, leadership skills, following agreements, dedication and team spirit.

Because the program is dynamic and the different lifetime sports are given interchangeably you are confronted with your own flexibility and behavior, as well as that of your fellow students. Therefore a lack of initiative, selfishness and freeloading become quickly apparent. 

The sports syllabus contains all information regarding the 2017/2018 sports-program and can be downloaded on this site. Students can therefore never claim unawareness regarding information given in the syllabus.
The sports section wishes all students a lot of fun in practicing sports at the HvA/HES and with the versatility and extend of the program in mind we are confident all students will find sports to their appeal.